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Our Impact

Opportunity matters in one of the poorest countries in the world
Happy Haitian Education is here to provide opportunities that matter. By redefining education, we can begin rebuilding communities in Haiti.


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What we do

Firstly, we recognize the importance of English and Computer Literacy programs. We expect our programs to foster entrepreneurial mindsets. Above all, students deserve a well resourced school and quality education.

English Language

Within Happy Haitian Education, students can enroll in our ESOL course and become proficient in English. In addition, our students can learn virtually from teachers and students abroad, deepening their comprehension by sharing cultures, values and more.

Computer Literacy

It is widely known that technology plays a vital role in decreasing poverty rates and boosting economic development. That being said, our goal is to ensure our school has an exceptional computer program. Above all, we want to see equity in education. Stay tuned!

Numbers that speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and help more students succeed day by day.

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Empowered Students will have Brighter Future

Empowered students means students can achieve their dreams. Under the right circumstances, they can create positive outcomes beyond their education and ultimately create impact.

Empowered students will overcome economic stagnation

For this reason, our organization is building progressive, sustainable programs that will bring long lasting change. Moreover, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure our programs are designed for the person of today’s world.



Give today and see the impact tomorrow.

Empowered students will have the support and confidence to achieve their dreams

In partnership with Happy Haitian Productions, we are dedicated to bringing education to the Central Plateau of Haiti. In other words, with help from supporters like you, we are able to provide basic human rights like a formal education.

Hear from our empowered students! Watch a Student Tour!​

Student Tours are videos made by students to share a piece of their life with others. As a result, this gives students the chance to practice ESL in multiple formats. For example, a few practical applications include written and verbal translation, peer to peer conversation, video caption and transcription.

Support Our Mission

A person's success is directly linked to their level of education. Consequently, our mission is to elevate communities with programs that transform.

Buy a Semester

Attending school is especially challenging for students in Haiti. However, with your help we can empower students and build brighter futures.

Summer Program

Summer is a time where we ensure students receive continued academic support with classes, recreational activities and one meal a day. Help support a student Summer 2022!

Our Partners
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