Our Mission

In partnership with Happy Haitian Productions, Happy Haitian Education is dedicated to empowering through education. Where there is knowledge and support, there is change.

We believe everyone has a right to an education

Our new facility allows for unlimited access to

clean water and sanitation

We are passionate about curating a safe place where high educational standards and outreach are practiced

Our programs yield leadership with access

to internet and other resources

We believe in empowering the community through applicable tools and resources

2.5 Million live on $1.25 / day

75%  or 8.4 million live on $2.44 / day

Our community programs focus on leadership and entrepreneurial development

Large Two Agriculture and Farming Program Staff Visit the Farm

We are here to enrich lives
by boosting education!

90% of primary schools are non-public and do not have government support. With help from supporters like you we are able to pave the way for a progressive education for those in dire need.

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Recycle your Device

Support a student by offering a used device. We are currently accepting tablets and iPhones for both in home and classroom use. If you have other options, we'd be happy to find a place of use.

Buy a Semester

Many of our students live below the poverty line at $2.14 a day. Even before the pandemic hit there was disruption across the country making getting to school especially challenging.


Hear from our students, staff and remote teachers!