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Happy Haitian Education is here to provide opportunities that matter. By redefining education, we can begin rebuilding communities in Haiti.

Only 1% of Haitians attend college. Overall, Haiti ranks 168 of 187 on the human development index. Consequently, we are here to change these statistics with opportunities that matter.

Peer to peer conversation and messaging allows for both verbal and written fluency, active listening, and many benefits of peer correction. To learn more about the benefits of peer to peer learning or reciprocal learning, take a look at this article by Stanford.


Give today and see the impact tomorrow.

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We have students, staff and faculty that push us to continue to progress. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.

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A person's success is directly linked to their level of education. Consequently, our mission is to elevate communities with programs that transform.

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Attending school is especially challenging for students in Haiti. However, with your help we can empower students and build brighter futures.

Find out what we are up to! We love sharing our students' progress & favorite activities.
Do you want to learn a language? Check out our YouTube channel for full lessons in English & Kreyòl.

Empowered students will have the support and confidence to achieve their dreams

In partnership with Happy Haitian Productions, we are dedicated to bringing education to the Central Plateau of Haiti. In other words, with help from supporters like you, we are able to provide basic human rights like a formal education.

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