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90% of schools are non-public and do not have government support. This means that funding for schools is non-existent and many are left without adequate resources or certifiable teachers.

We believe in equity of education. Equity is different from equality in that it is adaptable, fair, and individual-focused. See an article by Waterford for more.

Many Haitians live below the poverty line at $2.14 a day. For this reason, a student might only have one meal a day, lack access to clean, running water and not have any means to pay for school. In addition, economic instability effects our students daily lives.

We want what our students want: to have several opportunities to follow their dreams. By creating lasting impact in education, we create more opportunity.

$1.64 / a day

will support a student's education for 1 year

Two former students create impact by giving back while working in agriculture at a farm associated with our school
Two students prepare for graduation by distributing caps to others

Support a student and see the lasting impact education brings

No matter the dollar amount, your donation will create change for those striving for a basic education and ultimately a better life.​

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We are here to elevate the communities in Haiti with programs that not only educate but transform.

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With your help we can support students with education and help build brighter futures.

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