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Students have been learning a new trade!

Students have been interested in learning how to make masks. Our students, staff and friends were trained by a professional seamstress. This is a priceless trade as masks are needed now more than ever. We plan on continuing production as needed for NPOs and schools in the community. 

Masks are made and placed in bags for distributing

Masks = Love

Over the Summer of 2020 we produced 3,000+ masks. These have been distributed to NPOs, students and families.

Pharra & Douwelsie

Advanced Students of HHE

Pharra and Douwelsie are currently working as interpreters for Midwives for Haiti

Other students are working in the following fields:

  • Assistant teachers 
  • Program Coordinators
  • Interpreters
  • Guides

We believe education is everyone's right


Only 1% of Haitians attend college, with Haiti ranking 168 of 187 on human development index

Vocational Programs


Currently offered to all students enrolled at HHE

Farming & Livestock

*Projected to be offered by 2021. Kickstarter programs are currently available like Adopt a Goat.


Creating and managing a business

*Projected to be offered by Fall 2020