Our Projects

Our New Facility

We are happy to announce construction of a new building! This means more opportunities to come. HHE sends a huge thank you to our sponsors!

Peer Tutors

Peer to peer tutoring is in session between our students and students of the Cambridge High School French National Honors Society and Lakeway Christian Academy

Remote Readers

Do you have a passion for literature and love reading? For the past few semesters we have opened our remote classroom to those who speak English fluently. Our students benefit from hearing English just as much as practicing it. Anyone who speaks English fluently is welcome to join our group of readers!


Interested in working with a non-profit or starting your very own? Internship programs are accepted on a rolling basis. Share with us your dreams and goals! We will reach out to our network and find the right place for you.

Recycle your Device

Support a student by offering a used device. We are currently accepting tablets and iPhones for both in home and classroom use. If you have other options, we'd be happy to find a place of use.

Unlocking Communities

On behalf of Unlocking Communities, 50 gallons of soap was gifted to our new school building!! This means we will not need to include soap in our budget for the next 6 months which is equal to 1000 HTG or $15

Adopt a Goat

One of the best ways to give is to gift a goat! For a year or more, a goat can be raised to maturity while providing milk to families in need.

Square Together Circle in Bright Green

Less than 1% of people in Haiti attend a higher educational program

With Haiti ranking 168 of 187 on human development index, it is time to think about quality over quantity


Take a look at where students will be learning. We are currently campaigning for a new facility with larger classrooms, bathrooms and running water - taking precautions and adhering to CDC guidelines.

Under Construction

With our partner organization, Happy Haitian Productions, we want to provide a multi-functional schooling system by providing the means necessary to support general education, skills and trades. With generous donors and a loan, we started constructing a new school facility.


Our next phase of construction is already underway, but we need help to continue.


The construction of this school facility is important because it will provide a better learning environment with reduced costs, better sanitation & security. Most importantly it will provide sanitation and space to stop the spread of Covid-19. Our current school has no running water and only one bathroom. The classrooms are very small at only 9×9 ft in size. With construction of the new building we will have three classrooms almost seven times larger in size, two bathrooms, and running water with hand washing stations. The ultimate goal of our school building is to develop additional programs to help youths and adults develop necessary language and entrepreneurial skills.

Adopt a Goat

Give the gift that keeps on giving!

One Goat
One Year

Our Adopt a Goat Program reduce hunger throughout the country. Livestock is pertinent to communities in Haiti with 55% of food production imported yearly. To combat such deficit, we built this program. Currently efforts are being made to reserve food sources as we address the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nutrients that a goat’s milk provides is incomparable to other commodities. On average a doe produces 3-4 quarts of milk a day for 10 months of the year.