Opportunity matters in one of the poorest
countries in the world

Happy Haitian Education is here to provide opportunities that matter. By redefining education, we can begin rebuilding communities in Haiti.

Opportunity matters in every classroom

Firstly, we recognize the importance of English and Computer Literacy programs. We expect our programs to foster entrepreneurial mindsets. Above all, students deserve a well resourced school and quality education.

English Language

Within Happy Haitian Education, students can enroll in our ESOL course and become proficient in English. In addition, our students can learn virtually from teachers and students abroad, deepening their comprehension by sharing cultures, values and more.

Computer Literacy

It is widely known that technology plays a vital role in decreasing poverty rates and boosting economic development. That being said, our goal is to ensure our school has an exceptional computer program. Above all, we want to see equity in education. Stay tuned!

Opportunity matters outside every classroom

For this reason, we encourage students to explore subjects not sought after nor provided by many Haitian schools. At the present time, we are building partnerships to develop practical entrepreneurial programs.

Soapbox is an organization that gives back in the form of a donation in soap and education in hygiene. Over the past year, a few of our students created over 50 gallons of soap for distribution with SoapBox. We are proud to partner with such a cause!

Unlocking Communities

Unlocking Communities is an organization that equips entrepreneurs with resources to transform their community. In addition to supporting our efforts, Unlocking Communities has gifted our school with soap for 6 months! We look forward to what is to come!

One student stirs liquid in a bucket to make soap while another student watches. They are sitting outdoors in Hinche wearing masks and sunglasses..
One student holds a liquid measurer used to make soap while outdoors in Hinche
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