All students can learn if quality education is within reach

Education meets only half the standards for primary schooling in Haiti. For this reason, our priority is to close the educational gap for all students who wish to learn.

Less than 30% of students
reach 6th grade

With your support, all students can learn. By and large we can build programs that truly matter.

all students can learn no matter their age or demographic
Students learn on the lawn of the school

No matter the age nor role, we hope to enrich all who step foot in our school

In other words, high quality leadership, enrichment and world-class standards are met by students and teachers alike.

We equip all students with tools that
  • Transform their society and themselves
  • Allow for informed decisions and responsible actions
We provide a learning environment that
  • All students can learn from
  • Inspires exploration and integrates action oriented learning 
We develop practical programs that
  • Empower the student of today’s world and that of the future generations
  • Contribute to the communities in Haiti and the rest of the world

Creating Unlimited Impact

Loans & Sponsorships

In order to relieve our students and students' families, we have a sponsorship program where donations can be made per term, in full, or completely custom. In most cases, basic necessities such as water, food and electricity remain scarce for our students.

School that Create Unlimited Impact

Firstly, there are no words to describe how grateful we are for the French Honor Society of Cambridge High. Over the past few years, Cambridge French Honor Society students support our mission by:

• Bringing “Adopt a Goat” program to life
• Holding drives for essential school supplies
• Organizing Mardi Gras bingo night and more

Adopt a Goat

The Adopt a Goat Program allows contributors to “adopt” and name a goat. In Haiti, 55% of food production is imported yearly. In effect, livestock is highly important to communities. The Adopt a Goat program was created by the French Honor Society of Cambridge High School in Georgia, USA.

Our New Facility

With your support, we built a new school in 2020. As a result, Happy Haitian Productions is no longer renting two small classrooms without access to running water. Consequently, we have a brightly colored gated building with several large classrooms, a faculty lounge, plumbing, electricity, storage areas and solar panels. Everyone is thrilled to walk through our doors and have a place they can safely learn!

all students are welcome at our school
New School Building Under Construction - June 2020
our school uses solar energy
Our school runs on solar panels and a generator as needed
Empower students by adopting a goat and creating unlimited impact
Adopt a goat and create unlimited impact (Each goat is $48)
Our school is gated
Gate surrounding the school property • Total $1,937
Solar panels on top of our school roof
New solar panels and batteries were replaced March 2021 • Total cost $3,943 • Needed $1,969
Our freshly painted school from another angle
A view of the school with a freshly painted by our volunteers, friends, students and staff • Total $1,387